busy day in the studio

Working with so many grades at school is a real challenge, but this was a fun day. Many groups of children, from age 3 through 2nd grade, came in to the studio work on one thing or another. I couldn't give them a great deal of individual, sit down next to you type of attention, so it turned into a time to finish something that was started earlier, or to just 'mess about' with materials. Luckily, by this time in the year, the preschoolers know how to be in the studio, where things are, how to work together, and when to ask for help.

As children came and went (back to their classrooms to eat snack, or to the playground, etc), the numbers in the studio changed. I have to say it was great fun having a full house, as you see here.

Many of the children had started things the day before that they could keep going on.In these photos, you can see children working on a Rube Goldberg machine,  Red Riding Hood, Fairy tale, or Giraffe houses, a star wars guy, a paper flamingo, and some story books.


  1. Wow, lots of busy! Their work is carrying over at home as well; Syd just made a sculpture of a person with her dinner food. I love that the different ages can be together in that space and respect each other. very nice...

  2. There is such power in both the beautiful chaos and the quiet moments with just a few kids. What a lovely way to celebrate the end of 2010.
    The photos make me smile.


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