Sounds of the Seasons

After their discussions about the nature of sound and music, the second graders began to think of ideas for what they could make. This class has a deep connection to nature and animals, and spends each Friday outside in the forest. Last year several of these students made a mural to teach younger children about the animals that live on the school grounds, which looks so great on the studio wall. 

Getting to work, some children began crafting instruments and contraptions that could make sounds. Eliza drew a winter night implying the sounds of wind and trees filled with ice and snow. We talked about this idea, and after a few days of work on individual projects, the class divided into groups and began to make sculptures that would capture the sounds of the 4 seasons. 

a winter night

starting with a wire frame and white tulle to make winter

Dangling jewels, glass and metal would make the sound of ice and cold.

the sound of a winter night sculpture
The finished sculpture makes its own music, tinkling and ringing when someone opens the door and a breeze comes in. 


  1. What a mystical piece!
    How exciting to get to see Reggio Inspired practice work with older children. This is such important work you do, and so moving.

  2. Anna, I watched as one of our students entered the foyer and was transfixed by this sculpture. He didn't say a word, just sat on the stairs beneath it, gazing up at it in wonder.... A few moments later he ascended the stairs only to stop on the landing and examine it from above. Clearly he was taken by it's magical beauty and complex and interesting composition....

  3. This is wonderful, meaningful, lovely work, Anna! I love how you support the children's ideas.


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