Without fail, and for every age from 3 years old through
                                       2nd graders, teachers to 5th graders,
                                       a huge grin spreads over everyone's face when they
                                       first hear sound through this device, which comes from
                                       the garden room to the studio, and is made out of a
                                       garden hose and some funnels.


  1. I'm glad you posted this Anna - it reminds me that this is something I would love to do with the kids this year. How did you attach the funnels to the hose? Do you just wrap tape around it?

  2. Cool Idea Anna! I know a bunch of boys who are going to love this!
    Donna :) :)

  3. These are so great. My 22month old son LOVES it. He is just amazed when he can hear mummy talking through the tube. Ours is only short though. I never thought of making a really long one out of hose - that's now on my to-do list. Thanks.

  4. Hello Aussies, and thanks for the comments!
    Jenny, my careful friend and colleague Sara tested all the funnels she could find and found 4 that fit right into the hose. Every so often they pop out and the kids just put them back in.


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