Happy New Year

I've been stymied for what to write about lately...working with so many teachers has me questioning what is mine to discuss here..as Jenny over at Let the Children Play said, I've lost my blogging mojo.

I've also been deep in the trenches writing a curriculum document about the atelier, what it could be and how it can serve the school, what languages we hope to give children time and exposure to, and why. Part of this has to be a list of media and materials that we will introduce to each student, and when. The more I work on it the tougher it is to see any difference in the when (what age should you start learning to use good paint brushes, saws, and hot glue?), but I am narrowing in on the what.

In my section on Space (3-d) studio materials, I wanted to talk about building, machines and what people are talking about these days when they refer to tinkering, and I found this list (from tinkeringschool.com), of good tools for kids. Now I just have to get the ones I don't have for the studio!

amazon list from tinkering school


  1. Oh no, get your missing mojo back soon - I enjoy your posts too much! My mojo is slipping away and I am in the middle of writing a series of posts that I have completely lost interest in doing - but I've committed myself to the series so have to keep going :)

  2. Oooh, I know what you mean about losing the blogging mojo after break. I intended on blogging today, MLK Day, but instead, went to my own studio and created. Thanks for keeping on.


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