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5 year old children

4/5 year old children

3/4 year old children

3/4 year old
We have a tradition of note writing in the preschool. This constant practice shows children a very authentic reason for reading and writing. The Children go to their classrooms first thing, but if they want to visit another room, they can write a note and go. I receive the notes in the studio, read them, and then the children leave them in my clementine 'note box'. I noticed this week that my note box was overflowing with notes from children from every pre-school class. Up until this point in the year, the teachers are doing the bulk of the writing. Usually around now our emergent writers begin to write more and more of their own words. My 2 favorite notes of past years said "Dear Anna, We need a brain." and "Anna, I love you. But I love Sara F. more".


  1. This is one of our favorite things about Sabot! There are two treasured notes that I have on my fridge, one by the oldest boy and one by the middle boy, both of which are variations on "I'd like to eat snack with my mom, who's volunteering here today."

  2. Haha! love the last two notes... will check with you but think I may know who requested a brain.... Busy in there today! A lot of boy energy at one point. Lots of coming and going in studio today...


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