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The notes I talked about in the last post serve as a reminder to children of the reasons we read and write, but they also help grown ups in the school understand the children's intentions. The classroom teacher needs to ask questions to understand where the student wants to go and why, and then help the child communicate that in the note. Then, the child may show the note to a parent volunteer in the hall to get help in finding their way to the studio.
When a child comes to the studio, they may have been talking or playing about an idea in their classroom for a long time, but I don't hear that (unless a teacher keeps in touch). These notes, then, are a way that I begin to listen to the child, to know what it is they need my help with, and to begin to build a shared understanding of what they want to to in the studio.

When Jasper and Yates came to the studio with these notes, I remembered that they have shown a strong interest in combines and big farm equipment. This was one of the first times Yates had ever wanted to visit the studio, so I knew he must have had a lot of motivation to make a combine. The boys chose dark green paper and we looked at the shapes of the blades and the wheels together. After they drew their combines and colored them, I helped cut them out.


John Deer Combine


  1. studio.... a place where dreams can become reality...

  2. Hello, Atelierista : )

    I love the way you flow with the kids in the studio and how you document what happens there.
    I'm from the Dominican Republic, and just started working in a Reggio inspired pre-school. I have teach art to kids before, but this is my first time doing the work of an atelierista. I wanted to ask you how to begging.

    I believe I do the most important which is the communication with them, I listen to them, I ask them questions, and I support them, it is really amazing how their minds are so open. This week will be our second week, and I've thinking about activities to do with them, though, I have the sensation that even when these activities roll around the kids' interests, at the end the kids will be doing what I told them to do. And that is not the idea.
    The system in our pre-school is different. Each class go to the studio twice a week. That is why I think about preparing activities for them. However, I feel is not enough. Do you have an idea of how can I begging to work with them?

    Any idea will be tremendously appreciated : )

    Thank You,

    My E-mail:


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