Moving parts workshop

 For the last week or so, children have been drilling and drilling in the studio. This nifty green Fiskars drill is easy for them to use by themselves. Drilling is attractive to children who often want to make cars, robots or other machines.

Kara brought a group in to work on thinking about 'moving parts', as a first step toward figuring out how to make robots, machines and vehicles. We looked at Yates' propeller, and the Rainbow roomers made them, too. After that, we were joined by children from other pre-school classrooms, Miles and a visiting Grad student from VCU. Everyone started working with wood making all kids of axles, propellers and bows and arrows.


  1. Sydney had lots to share about the drill... She liked it very much! She also enjoyed having Miles in there helping. We need more male "mentors" and teachers overall....


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