The 5 year olds who like Star Wars came bursting into the studio "Anna! We need to hear R2-D2 noises on your computer!" I was working with some other children and was a little concerned that the boys 'high energy and loud voices would distract from the concentration in the room. Trying to figure out the source of the energy and the point of the request, I asked them a few times to tell me again what they wanted. Each time I got the same response, until I asked "Guys, please tell me why you want to use my computer to listen to R2-D2 sounds. I'm worried that you just want to sit down and click things on my computer, and it doesn't seem like you would be learning anything new by doing that." 
Then, the boys told me "We need to hear the sounds because we are reading a Star Wars book, and when it gets to a page with R2-D2, it says 'R2-D2 says beep-beep'. But we don't want to say beep-beep, we want to be able to make the right sounds there. And the book writer didn't write down the real sounds."
So, not only are these pre-schoolers reading, but they are also reading with a critical eye, noticing that the author simplified an important detail. This little moment made me feel lucky that once again, children have taught me the benefit of slowing down and really listening.  


  1. Oh I have encountered so many moments like this...and it is always humbling and inspiring to discover the root of their energy! Thank you for sharing - I just happened onto your blog and happy I did.

  2. I love the search for truth in which young kids engage. I'm convinced that the great scientists, artists, explorers, etc of the world are people who were supported in searching for truth as young kids, so that that impulse was never squelched. Thanks for exploring their wishes!


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