Cross Age Interactions and Family

A good thing about having a school that serves so many grades (with one studio for all to share) are the meetings that happen between students of different ages. Here, a preschooler came in with her journal (a composition book families fill with pictures to create a home/school connection). She wanted to look at a picture of her dog in order to draw him.

Coincidentally, her cousin was in the studio making a video for a project in which the 5th graders are documenting their math learning this year.

While some of his teamates were working on props for the video, He got paper and took time to draw his dog, too. They talked about family pets who have passed away, and the ones they have now.

Then, they watched the math video together. The care they took with each other was a lovely thing to see.
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  1. I love this post!

    I've been looking over a set of rather poorly executed photos this morning, taken yesterday when several older siblings were invited to be in class with our 2-3 year olds. I too was struck by the gentleness and care they demonstrated in class with all those "little kids."


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