sights from the exhibit

 The 'Sound is Moving Through the Air or Flying with a Cape' exhibit
has it's official reception on July 16th, but last night at Richmond's first Friday, bunches of people came through Gallery 5 for a different event that was happening, and I snapped a few pictures. It was great to see people who have nothing to do with the school stopping and taking time to really look. I wish I could have heard more of what they were talking about...

I loved these guys. They looked closely at the documentation of the 3 year old's theories on how sound
works for a long time, talking about the drawings and pointing out things they noticed.
My friend Black Liquid, who taught hip-hop writing
in the middle school last semester, came by to check it out.

...and then some great bands (including one of my Husband's) played in a benefit for WRIRlp, the independent community radio station where I volunteer. FUN!


  1. We're planning to come to the reception, glad to have this appetizer. I'm excited to see the giant "BAH JAH" mask that the Forest Room parents made, I hadn't expected any parent work to be shown!


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