Why tinkering?


For this school year, Sabot at Stony Point school is looking at mechanics and engineering, (tinkering) as a school-wide investigation, what we call an umbrella project. There are several reasons why we chose this topic, but my favorite is that it will be an opportunity for our tinkerers to lead, and to teach us what they know and how they learn.

It's easy to find the tinkerers. Just put something new in the room and they will notice it and try to figure it out. They may not want to stop trying to figure it out to go back to their other projects, and now, they won't have to!


  1. Did any of the kids have experience with a record player and know why the CD wouldn't play? Amazing to me how something so basic from my childhood is completely foreign to my children's generation. You've reminded me to cruise eBay for the Fisher Price record player that my brothers and I enjoyed so much (a little sturdier than a more grown-up version...you're brave!).

  2. tinkering.... so fundamental in creating. I love it!

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