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There are a lot of great resources out there on the internet. Three of my favorites are Marla McLean, Atelierista  and I go to them for information, for beautiful pictures, and mostly because they make me feel like a friend. It can be a lonely job, trying to figure out something new, and as the only 'edublogger' at my school, I have struggled to find the balance between meeting the school's desires and my own need to dialog and reflect. Although I have good friends and treasure my wonderful colleagues at Sabot, these bloggers help me feel I am not alone in reflecting on the kind of teaching I want to do.
So, that's why I'd like to nominate them for Edublog awards. You can nominate them too, by writing about them on your blog, and then filling out the form at 
And thanks to Teacher Tom for sharing this idea! He is another wonderful resource and internet friend, and I second his nomination

edublog awards


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