how awesome?

The boys came with a note that said "We want to make a fish for our Pirate play."
They set out to make some fish, and decided on a shark, a puffer fish, and a turtle. I helped cut a fish shape out of blue plastic, and helped the guys make some triangles for fins (the plastic and cardboard was hard to cut).

When the fish were taking shape, D said "That's shark awesome!"
I wondered aloud "Shark awesome? ("yeah") What is more awesome, shark awesome or Batman awesome?"
D said, without looking up from his coloring "Shark awesome."
Is shark awesome better than robot awesome?
R said "yeah", and T said "Yes. Look! (The shark) it's bigger than a PERSON!"
 D said "Dinosaurs used to be the biggest living animal in the world.
Did you know that, T?
Dinosaurs used to be, (most awesome) because they were alive, now they died.
Now sharks are the biggest, so it's shark awesome.
("But it used to be Dinosaur awesome.")
Now you know, too.


  1. I think we have a new phrase for "that which is particularly powerful".
    Anna, this post is "shark awesome"!

  2. ...totally, you now...awesome!
    (You completely captured the moment, and it makes me smile.)


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