friendly signs

With so much construction going on at Sabot, there are many signs pointing out what not to do and where people should not go. I wondered what young children would think if I asked them about making some friendly signs to hang up.
Here is their conversation, held as they were drawing images for the signs.

Anna "Could we make some friendly signs or some 'yes' signs?"
Ju. "Yeah, like you can bring a dog. Or, please have a nice dog and not a mean dog. Cause a mean dog might get the fragile stuff like me and Duke's special boat. I know you need signs, cause Duke started putting signs so the cleaners wouldn't throw away the big (cardboard) pirate boat.

Ja. "I want to say 'please draw'"

M. "How about 'play the guitar'?"
L. I wanna say please have beds, so I can sleep in the grass."
Ju. Sleepover with Sabot?"
L."Please be comfy on the grass'

L. I know! "Please have good manners"
M. Please slow down"
Ja. "I want to say 'play the guitar' on one."
M. "I said 'hug'. Anna "Can you write the letters for hug? H-U-G"
M. H..........U..........I can't do a G.
Ju. "I can! Let me show you how"

                                               "Be comfy on the grass"

"Please bring nice dogs only, and keep them on a leash so they don't jump up on children"

Next, we will show the sign ideas at circle to see if anybody else in the class has suggestions or sign ideas of their own. Eventually, I would like to hang the signs around the school, and then around the city. Can you imagine walking through Richmond and seeing a child-made sign that says 'Please draw here'?


  1. I'm curious about your last photo--it looks like the face and letters were individually cut out and attached. Was that the child's choice, or a part of the sign-making process (perhaps because another child helped with the G?).

    I'd love to see kid yes-signs around town!

  2. Thanks, Lise. You are right, I did cut and paste the last drawing into that arrangement. (I copied it first and cut that up). I am not sure that is the way to go, but the fact is that I didn't think through it well when I asked M. if he could spell h-u-g. One of the letters is in his name, so I was thinking of that when I suggested spelling the word. But as he is a very young 4 and just starting to form letters, they came out quite jumbled on his drawing. So that's why I took them apart and laid them out in a more readable way. I am still working through making the actual signs with the children, so hopefully I can get some advice from them...all of these choices we make are so complicated!

  3. This idea is fabulous. Can you please go down to city hall and make this happen? Seriously, think of all the joy that would grow, I can only imagine coming across one of these signs. Maybe around your school? I am smiling at this idea as a reality.


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