How to Make Seats for a Ferris Wheel

Most of the Meadow room children feel finished with their little Ferris Wheels and are ready to make a big one. The teachers said to the children;
"We asked Pippin if he thinks you could make a real Ferris Wheel, because we thought it might be too hard. But he said he thinks we can do it!"

Ja. That's cause he's a building man.

How can you make a seat that would show Pippin the right size for a child's Ferris wheel?

An. It has to be the size of that chair (points to a chair in the room).
Ja. It has to be a cage so we can stay stabled. So we won't fall out.
children- Yep, It has to have seat belts. A door. Maybe another door. A seat needs lots of stuff.
Ac. I've rode on a real Ferris wheel, and it has bars that go up and down. The bars go up and down for the people to get out.

Je. I saw that on a chair lift!
B. I saw it on a roller coaster. When you put your hands up, it goes... boom!

Ac.  A man comes to wiggle the bar to make sure the seat belt is tight.
An. It has to have a roof, in case it rains.
Ca. You get to have a ride... you have to have a buckle, and when you click it on, the man just pushes the controller.

Ac. Maybe we can take (our model seat) to show Pippin after this!
Teacher "How can we make sure our Ferris wheel plan has a seat that's the right size for a real child?"

An. We need to measure it from a real chair.

Ac.We need lines on the back so you don't fall out. Let's see if I can get it (my wire) around the chair. No, it's not long enough. Maybe we should try it for real with one of the Meadow roomers in it.

Ac. Wow! I'm really not falling out now! We have to do the bottom, guys.
Ja. (measuring wire to cut a piece) The wire needs to be the same size as me. Not too tight, just the same size. (Robyn holds the wire up to him and they cut) We can tie it around (the bottom of the seat).

After weaving all of that wire for the seat bottom and back of the seat, each child sat in it to try it before they went to eat snack. They noticed it was still a little springy and pokey. Ja. noticed it needed a place to put your feet. We will come back to it this week.

Buckling the seat belt

the seat belt works!

The model seat and seat belt


  1. Look at all the knowledge they have and are using to solve this huge challenge. They brought up stability, safety/security, size, measurement, there is even a memory of a safety check-the guy who comes and wiggles the bar. Not to mention the high level of negotiation and interaction, as they collaboratively made one seat prototype together. This is education!


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