planning a kitty big should it be?

The heart of the kitty game is nurturing. During play, the kitties face many obstacles from scary monsters to teenager babysitters as one; it is the kitties against the world. During this small group time we talked about making a real house, one of the things on their list (things that would make their game more fun).

"It has to be big enough for all of us, and we might want another friend to play, like Acadia or Nora, so it has to be big enough for them, too."

drawing one kitty for each person in the group.

drawing the shape of the house

"We have a kitty house inside so we need to build one outside. We'll use cardboard and wood sticks."

"Cardboard might get wet outside."

"The house would be made of all wood sticks And then we would have to paint the walls."

"We could build it out of blocks and wood."

counting the kitties/friends

Making the plan a little bigger 
"We don't want boys because they could play shoot."
"Well, my brother's very nice...he could play kitty."
"Yeah, and my Dad."

"What if a girl wants to play shoot?"
"No shooting allowed and no star wars allowed in it."
"So you mean no shooters, not no boys, right?"
"No shooters. Actually, nobody who likes to play shoot."
"Well, if the house had a door, we could just tape the door."
"What if they just punch through?"
"What if they take off the tape!?!"

Beverly, Jasper, Gabriela, Sophie, Tannin, Parker and Emerson


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