Second Conversation about Veins

Xander, can I write some words about this picture?

"Write this. This is the beginning. In my body I have veins, and my veins take the love to my Mommy and Daddy. The love goes into my Mommy- her nose, her forehead, into her brain. She feels the love going to her heart. Mommy and Daddy. The end."


  1. I had just read your post, and no more than five minutes later, my 5 year old son told me, "Mommy, all blood is blue. We have blue veins. But when you get a cut, the blood hatches and it turns red."

    I enjoy your blog a lot! I just took on the role as atelierista at my school for a temporary time. I LOVE it!

  2. That's my boy! And yes, I feel the love going to my heart.


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