Where love comes from

The Rainbow room (younger 4) children continue to investigate and theorize about body systems. This is another part of the conversation from last week. I started by reminding the children that they had said that veins go to your heart.
      eyes have veins,                           hand, bones and veins

Next I asked them about their earlier theories about love. At an earlier meeting they had discussed their differing ideas about where love comes from within your body. I asked-
"If veins go to your heart, where does love come from?  What do you think? Does love come from your heart, or your brain, or your whole body?"

love goes into somebody who you love

"Let's write a little poem about bodies. I will write down your words while you draw hearts, or how love goes from one person to another person. Does anybody have a first idea I can write down?"

by Xander, Rainey, Gabriella, Emory and Julia

all the love went in my neck
and then went down into my heart
all the love goes in my head,
and then went down into my heart
the love is in your heart and love is in your head.
love has a airplane
or a string pulls it out and out and out
out out out, 
My Mother she pulls the string to pull
it out out out out
or your veins move the love
they are hidden inside your body
the string hides 
it is clear so it can go across the room
without anybody seeing it
or it's added with color
all the glitter lights up, and it sparkles
when it goes into my Mom
all the way up to my Mom

feet, head, hands, bones and veins

love moves

my body (from the earlier discussion)


  1. Fantastic stuff! I love the poem that you wrote together!


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