How we Learned About Trees

 While working on this mural showing their hypothesis about how leaves get color in the fall, Ian, Ella and I had this conversation. 

Anna- How did you learn all about trees? 

Ella- From our brains.

A- Your brain taught it to you? 

Ian- Yeah, our brain was like, "ok, this is what happens so they can get water, the more bigger the trees go, the roots stretch." 

A- Wow, so whose brain was it? Did your brain think of it and tell Ella's brain? or did Ella's brain think of it and tell your brain? 

Ella- They both... 

Ian- I know, since Ella didn't think of it, my thinking must of went into her head. 

Ella- Or maybe we got the same idea from our same brains

A- Maybe you got some clues from all the things  you've been thinking about trees, and then you added the clues up, and got the idea. Maybe. Like your brain is a detective of trees.

Ian- Maybe the brain was like "doot-do-doodle-oo, lets find about trees"

A- Maybe so. And then it makes your eyes look at trees, it makes your hands touch trees...

Ian- The more we touch the trees, the more we know the roots are stretching. Because when I touch trees, I can kind of feel roots pulling my brain. Thinking

Ella- Me too

Anna- I think my brain is pulling right now, thinking, because its starting to learn the ideas from you guys, about trees.

Ella- Is it because we've been working on this until we know about projects?

Ian- Or until we knew about, until we knew about leaves!


  1. "...your brain is a detective of trees."

    How I love that phrase. What else will our brains be dectectives of?


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