Thinking Like a Historian: What's Happening in the Studio? 2nd grade

Organizing all of the traces, artifacts and offshoots of a project is hard to do. I have heard about lots of different ways to do this over the years, but I think it all comes down to finding something that works for you and sticking to it. This story board is an attempt to consolidate and organize an inquiry in the second grade. They have a guiding question for the year; "Who was here before us?" The second grade teacher, Aneesa and I, have come up with our own guiding question about how second graders come to understand history.

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The story board took too long, so I probably won't do it again. I still need to find something that works, especially since I am trying to keep so many projects going at once. If you are a teacher, or have a job where you have to keep track of documentation of multiple projects, I'd love to hear about it. What works for you?


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