a game of games 2

"this is how you fight the snake army"
The boys came back to the studio practice their game and write down some rules (I'm the one who suggested they make rules). Tyler named it "Mixture", because it mixes together all of the games they like.

1. for ages 3-4-5-6 all the way up
2. put pieces on the start  (the good guy death star)
3. throw the dice
4. count the symbols (the dots on the dice)
5. move how many you count toward the deathstar
6.Get all of the characters of the good to fight all of the bad.
    (where ever you land, everybody plays that until the 
    bad guy is defeated)
7. redefend -that means, if you really hit someone, you 
     have to  go sit by the wall or on a bench, or you  
     have to do 16 pushups.



  1. It is fun to see this all coming together. What a brilliant compromise-- a way to channel all of the things they love into something that doesn't get people hurt.


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