Drawing tallness

Drawing an idea for a castle she wanted to build out of wood,
Tristan stopped and said
"How do I draw it tall when it's already there, just on the paper?"
She had the circlular shape of a castle, and the bumpy lines that are usually depicted on top.

I was really struck by her question; "How do I draw it tall?"
She was dissatisfied with the way the 3 dimensional form in her mind looked in 2 dimensions
on the paper.

...we looked at the picture in this book to see how the tower was drawn,
and then Tristan added some lines for the sides.

I'm sure this isn't the end of Tristan's quest to figure out perspective, but for now it served her purpose and she moved on to building a castle for a project in her classroom.
The Garden room children (3, going on 4) are making figures for an intricate story, which they are also using to project shadows on the wall in their "light studio".

the finished castle


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