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First of all,
I'm hoping you'll check out this kickstarter campaign for a little forest school near to me in Virginia. I had seen the blog before I met Ruth at the Sabot Institute- maybe some of you were there too? She was really nice and got me excited about her quilted yurt project. I really want this to happen because I want to visit and learn how to make a yurt at Sabot school!
check it out here;

Allie of Bakers and Astronauts invited me to join 
Making Learning Connected (#clmooc)
A Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration  on Google+. I am curious to see what a massive online learning community is all about! Mostly I'm excited to use it as an opportunity to try all of the web tools that I've never found time to try, starting with spending a little time with google+. I've already made an avatar on
and a picasso head painting
Go ahead and take a look- maybe we can figure it out together.


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