Hip Hop Writing at Sabot in RVA Magazine!

check out the article from RVA Magazine about hip hop creative writing class taught by my pal, rapper Black Liquid. The talks I have had with him about the class are always rich and inspiring. It is so beautiful to see what a natural and gifted teacher this man is- besides being a talented songwriter and musician.

Most artists I know are observant and reflective people, but that doesn't always translate to their teaching. That piece that is the teacher's research- listening and being inspired by your students and learning as much from them as they do from you (or maybe even more) is just so crucial. To be a really effective teacher, in my experience, takes an ability to suspend your ego, to be open to the point that you might make a fool of yourself, to try and fail and try again to convey new understandings. This is not always easy for people who are experts in any field, and I respect and appreciate when someone can be good at whatever they're good at AND be a good teacher.

here's a quote from the article,written by Roger Tyler, which can be found here

“Besides speaking and performing for the youth at Juvenile Detention Centers, teaching has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life. Not only because it’s something I never thought I would be doing, but because its value and meaning transcend words. There is so much shared inspiration, so many unique challenges, and it’s something I get to do with the singular expectation and goal of everyone being there to have fun! I don’t see my students as kids; I see them as a group of people who are knowledgeable because of their youth. As adults, we are all guilty of being ignorant because of our knowledge. In that simplicity I find liberation, and they run with it--and take me with them.”


  1. What a great way to connect writing to pop culture, and spark the interest of young people.


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