One of the best things about the school year ending is sifting through the little traces of the children's and teachers' thinking. From the studio, I have the chance to help in many classrooms, and one of my main jobs is keeping up with the umbrella project. In case you don't know, Sabot's Umbrella project is a meta project- a way for the whole school to think about an idea together. This year, we thought about relationship.
The Kindergarteners started thinking about love on Martin Luther King day, and explored love's many aspects including the anatomical, the poetic, the different kinds of of family, friends, classmates, and love in a community.

They bagan a relationship with a group of preschool children from another school, sharing hand-made gifts and visiting back and forth. On one of these visits, the children played a game taught to them  by Sabot's P.E. teacher Renee. In the game, you throw a ball of yarn back and forth across a circle of people, forming a web of connections.
The Kindergarten commemorated this experience by making a sculpture. The children started by creating wooden self portraits, and then added other figures like the teachers, parents, brothers and sisters. Then they decided to make figures of their preschool friends and some beloved pets as well. Finally they connected the figures with red yarn stung with hearts.

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