the King and Queen of the mountain
Today I got to go with the Meadow room to the Forest. Most classes in the school go to the forest each week. Some of the children from the preschool had been stringing dried fruits and things in the studio. Robyn and Nancy are always up for including me, and the Meadow room children were excited to choose a tree near the creek to hang the food for the animals on. They wondered what animals would come to eat them. Miles thought rabbits might come, Luke thought deer and worried a wolf might also show up. Kiri and Sabine remembered the dog named Annie they had met on another forest walk, she thought Annie might like to nibble on one of the orange slices. Rene didn't finish her whole apple, so Freddie figured out how to prop it between two small branches.

hanging the gifts for the animals in the forest

after the hike in, the children ate snack, or played


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