the nicest fashion girls ever

Anna "Why are you making lipstick and perfume?"
Elina  "I like to be fashiony and wear makeup."
Anna "What is fashion?"
Vivienne "It's like the fashion show!"
Elina   "it means to be pretty."
Anna  "am I fashiony?"
 (it was the day of the polar vortex, and I do carpool. I was NOT fashiony!)
Sadie  "yeah. why cause, you got sparkles on you!"
Anna "I don’t think I’m really that fancy though."
Viv.  "but I like your scarf though."
Anna "is Elaine (their teacher) fashiony?"
Everyone "yes yes yes!" 
Elina  "all of us are fashiony except the boys."
Anna  "Who is the most fashiony that you ever saw?" 
(I was thinking they might name a celebrity or movie character) 

Everyone  "Me! Me! Me!
 Yeah! Everyone is fashionist!"
unicorn earrings

When a group of girls came to the studio to make lipstick and perfume to further a game they were playing in their classroom, I was wary. I admit that sometimes I work hard to try to broaden and deepen (or downright stop) princess play, but this was different. The girls had such a spirit of joy and community, it was nice to be there with them.



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