What is a Time Machine?

I said, I wondered if any of you had ever heard of a time machine?
Emmett "Yeah, I’ve heard of one, my sister built one."
I was wondering if we could figure out how to do a time machine. Emmett, do you want to tell everyone what a time machine is?

Emmett "Well a time machine is a machine that you get in and you have to put some flowers or something in this mailbox thing? And then you press a button? Then you say where you want to go and then it zooms there."

Yeah, so you could go in time. Like, you could say ‘I want to go to the time when I was a baby', and then you could go and see yourself being a baby. Or you could go to the time when you're a Grandmother, or a Grandfather if you're a boy.
Noah "or a Mommy...How do you get back where you started from, Emmett?
Cal "You go back to the time!"
Emmett "You say the words." Is it magic words or something?
"Yeah, you say ‘go back to the time when I was born', and then you go back there."
Oh, so maybe the time machine has a speaker. You know what a speaker is, that sound comes out of?
Carter "When I grow up, I’m gonna go to the next galaxy."
Madeline "I would like to go on a train. To see my Daddy."

KC "Time machines aren't really real. Cause I haven't seen one in my whole entire life. And no one actually knows how to build it. And, I’m gonna ask my Mom if... Guys, Im trying to tell you. I saw a time machine on (a cartoon). I’ll draw it on my piece of paper."

What do you think a time machine looks like? I don’t know... I know it has to have a button, because Emmett said you push a button.
E "Yeah, like there’s a button with a picture of home, and you press it, and you go back.. and there’s a button of a dragon, and you push it, and you go back in time to see a dragon."

Cal "These are the buckets full of the toys."

Noah "I would go to the time when people had...when there were no stores and people had plant food to eat instead of buying them at stores."

Hmm, how would you draw that? I might draw a farmer hat.
Emmett "Do you know how Indians make toothbrushes? They carve!"
KC "Hey guys, I’m making myself, and a magic ring, and I’m going to dragondale, and the dogs, and the lines are habitat and these things are wizards..
Madeline This is my time machine.

Caroline "I would never go in a time machine." Would you ever want to go to Princess and castle times? "Well, I love Princesses. I like Princesses in fairytales. And I like Sophia the first. She’s like a fairytale."

Madeline "I will go underwater with Ariel to see her father."
KC "Her father gets very angry if people he doesn’t know come around."
Madeline "Maybe I will have a little Ariel costume, so he won't know it's me."

Emmett "I would go to star wars."

Carter "I would go to space."

Noah, talking about himself in his picture

"He’s seeing something cool, see? It’s a seed, a really big seed. And he would decide to plant the seed. And he would dig a hole, and put the seed in it. And then a big rose came out. Then he would fly all the way back to his house. He would be inside his house, and one day he would go again. Maybe when he went back, the rose would be blooming. Ummhumm. And he would pick the rose for his Mommy. And then he would go back and his Mommy would be right here. And I found the seed for the farmer."

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