"Like a window into our class": The fourth grade mural

"We wanted our project to be more cognitive than physical. We wanted it to be more thoughtful and deeper." -Rose and Aggie
"Abstract art is kind of a mystery. You have to think it in your mind to see what it means"-Mason

 The 4th grade class decided they wanted to beautify their room, which is in a trailer.

They made a study of measurement, scale, engineering, street art and symbolism in art.

Luckily Richmond has become a street art haven, thanks to artists like Ed Trask and the Washington gallery Art Wino, which sponsors a big festival here.
We talked about how a lot of art has ideas that make you 'ponder'. The class wanted their art to make people ponder about what it means to be a 4th grader here.
Then, they began to paint:


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