Representing and Final Products

It's always difficult to resist a big grand finale with projects, but usually the research and dialog is where new understandings are built, so a finale isn't at all important. And final products often even distract children from the research and co-construction of knowledge. So what's a good reason do do some kind of presentation, play or other big she-bang to sum up and investigation? If smaller groups within a classroom are investigating different things, each group would be responsible to bring their research back to share with the larger group. It the case of the Kindergarten this year, three different groups spun of from a discussion about collecting data on a weather chart, and so each group is planning a way to teach the rest of the class what they've figured out. The group I've been working with decided to make a movie, kind of like Cosmos. Here is a sneak peak at some of the 'Lego-mation' that will be in the movie:


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