Telling our stories through teacher-research

There is a new edition of Voices of the Practitioners available on the NAEYC website. This journal's purpose is to publish teacher-research. You can read inspired writing from Teachers in their own voices. There is a lot of great writing there- it is so interesting to read about the variety of ideas and problems capture teachers attention, and how they figure things out through teacher-research. There is a terrific new article about laughter in the classroom, and one about boys and reading. My favorite article from this issue is by Renetta Goesen. It tells the story of early childhood education in a tribal head start program in North Dakota.
here is a short excerpt;

"Two important historical and current factors of the tribal culture are the
sacred act of learning in children’s experiences and the explorative nature of
their environment. The child herself is considered sacred as well:
A child was considered sacred having arrived from the spiritual realm.
A child was respected and treated as capable of understanding the
most important part of living on this earth—the spiritual nature of
life. (Morrison & Locke-Flying Earth 2003)"

Voices is always looking for teacher research articles, and will guide you through the editing and publication process. Please check it out!


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