A Wish

Carlina Rinaldi talking about being a 'thinker in residence' in Adelaide

'I found really, the reason why I was here... this is a wonderful paradox.. I found what we can develop together. I found a team of people that can continue with me, and after me, to really develop a research (into) quality of school and education (and) how to give every chance to every child...
to search for childhood, to try to understand 'who is the child'..
This country is really full of future.. that has the sense of being part of a community, that really has all the resources for developing not only a better economy,  but also a better way of living together as a community...
but especially you have tried to look for the best way to give every child every chance.
The importance of developing a new image of the child, means to be able to to recognize this key principle: That children are born as citizens. They don't become, but they are an essential part of every community.
...They bring, they borrow these values- the value of courage, value of learning, the value of developing the community that surrounds them. And also beauty, amazement and the joy of life...  
the rights they have to be, and to be respected. ..that they are not seen as property but as a common good that can be supported, not only by the family, but by the entire community.'

**Thanks to the Reggio Emilia Approach interest group on facebook for finding Carlina Rinaldi's full reflections on her residency here rinaldiflipbook


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