Honoring Martin Luther King: doing good for our city

 Our school has a tradition of engaging in some kind of service on Martin Luther King day. Sometimes it's difficult for adults to plan an authentic 'way in' for children of all ages to this kind of project. This year, the school is focusing on engagement with the city. The kindergarteners have thought a lot about heroes in the community, and so planned to honor and celebrate the firefighters of station 25, which is on the other side of a forest path from the school.  They decided they wanted to bring medals, a basket of goodies and party hats to the firefighters. They would also like to help with some work around the firehouse, like washing the firetruck, sweeping the floor or helping put out fires.

The children who worked with me on creating the basket and card said:

Dear Firefighters,
“I think you should deserve something.
I think you should have
a medal
a present
a food
Thank you for all of your good work, and for saving the world.
Thank you for saving people’s houses when they’re on fire.
you’re awesome."

plans for the basket of goodies:

Pictures of Kindergarteners helping to put out fires:


  1. I'm so glad to hear that the K is thinking about this fire station so close to school! What a lovely way to celebrate Our Richmond. Thanks for writing about it.


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