Photography to Paint: Crossing Modes

Some children in the garden room have been taking photographs with an ipad. Most of the children are three, and some are starting to turn four. The pictures are interesting in that so many of them are very minimal and graphic. Many of them contain strong lines or shapes made by shadows. They have a different quality than the photographs we have seen children of this age take with a camera.
Sara and Jen, the teachers in that room, let me work with the children in re-thinking the photos in paint. The aim here was to draw attention to the composition, to encourage the children to notice the colors and shapes. I wanted to give them an opportunity to revisit the idea of composition, something they had discovered on their own with the ipad.
Here are some of the photographs with the paintings they inspired:








  1. These are breath-taking. Both the photos and the painting give such insight - pardon the pun - into how the children SEE.


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