Dreams, Dreaming, the City, and Friends

Anna "let's think about the city."
Eleanor, while drawing "I'm making some skyscrapers, just like my dreams. I can hear my dreams. Sometimes I can't see them. but it's better if I can hear them. My dreams are like a house I'm in."

Her friend Riley, who was next to her said "My dreams are just my friends."
Anna Where are your dreams?
Riley "In my bed!"
What will happen in your dreams?
Riley "I can go to my friends. In my friends' dreams, I can go to their houses."

Eleanor "I have Richmond as my city. That means I sleep in it."
Riley "It’s like a town."
Anna -is the city the same as a town?
Eleanor "It’s a little different. Some things I don’t know about."
Luna "Well I don’t know a city."
Do you know about Richmond?
"They have so much stuff."
"They have bunk beds."
What does Richmond think about you? Does Richmond love you?
Luna "no..." (Looks at me like I'm silly)

Eleanor "but Richmond loves me!"