How to Start an Umbrella Project

overhead projection
reflective stuff in the studio

An umbrella project is a way for children of all ages to exchange thinking about a common idea, a way for teachers to follow one intention, and a way for family and school to interact. To start the process of inquiry teachers try to flood the environment with materials that will provoke thinking about the idea. As children explore and develop a relationship with the idea with loads of small and large group dialog, sometimes these things are left behind. But it always serves to begin with beautiful, provocative stuff. Here are some of the ways children first met the concept of reflection.
transparent materials, Beatrice, preschool
reflective materials, Archie, preschool

inventions, Skylar 5th grade
mirrors and light

exploring symmetry 4th grade
selfies 2nd grade

reflective selfie!
self portraits Will, 2nd grade

CDs-looking for holograms 5th
how reflections work 2nd