Mapping and Reflection: Grade One

In the first grade the children were interested in paths through the forest. This interest coincided with  the passion some of the children have for the Pokemon game, which uses the Openstreetmap user generated, open source maps of the world.  We looked at many maps, including a map of bird migration which sparked a little bird-study. We also found a surprise through google maps. The paths in the forest have names like Wukong's path and Birdsong Dreams Trail, and go a lot father than we ever knew.

Making a map with a group is good practice for coming into intersubjectivity. In making path-maps the children started by collecting drawings of landmarks they thought were most important along the paths they use through the forest. Ezri said "We got the soccer field, the high-five sign and some other stuff. I need to make the splish-splosh splish-splosh place now."



When it came time for drawing, the children chose groups and began to work out what should go where. Mira said "We could put them (our landmarks) together to make a real path-in-a-map. 
Working together was really hard! Vincent said "Putting brains together.. I would rather not do it. Because everyone is like, 'I have an idea! I have an idea!' Besides, some people might try to take over. It might get overwhelming." Nevertheless the children persisted and after 5 or 6 days everyone had made a map of the forest.