Art as Learning

Things that have been on my mind lately;

"The activity of making art is a unique form of wordless thinking."*

I think about the quote above and how seldom we in schools recognize what some artists know: making art is a way of learning. Art is a discipline that can engage with other disciplines (or not) to construct knowledge.  Arts like drawing, dance and music are languages- symbol systems that can be used to reason through questions and puzzles creating new understandings. Art is not just a way to cement learning in another discipline, not just a way to engage with learning in some other realm. Schools talk about art as a vehicle for expression or for communication, a way of engaging children because it can make learning fun. Art will probably always be used as assessment- a way to show what you know. Art practice as research is recognized in art education as a form of inquiry for big people, but isn't talked about much in prek-12. Why is that? 

*by Barry Goldberg from the Bank Street Occasional Paper Series (