Catching Wind in a Jar

The first grade children are interested in weather. They are designing some experiments to see if they can make storms happen. Their first try didn't produce any storms so they decided to try again with some different materials. The other day they sent me this list of things that they would need for their second round of experiments. 

I showed a group of preschoolers this note and asked if they had any ideas of how I could I make fog?
Juno "Dust".
Aston "Yeah, from vacuum cleaners".
Where could I get them some fire? 
Aston "You have to cut out some red paper and then cut out some orange paper and put it in the middle of the red paper".
What about wind?
Juno "Mother Nature".
Aston "You could get a glass cup and then you trap some wind".
Jace "Yeah". 
Do I have to go outside?
Jace "No. Inside, from the heater".
So if I stood next to the heater?
Jace "Or you could bring a fan to make wind. There’s wind outside because sometimes it’s cold out there".
Where can I find wind for the first graders? Where is the windiest place?
Aston "You should go to golf because there’s pretty much wind in my hair. And I’m like 'that’s too cold'!"


above, first grade hypotheses about catching fire in a jar. Will it explode?