An Old Project Becomes New

Some years ago, when the 2021 eighth graders where in fourth grade, we made a project called Sabot Species Snap!. This was a card game where creatures that lived around the school were put on cards and use


The card above was made with drawings from the game.

Sara Jo and Vanessa's class has been collecting bug sightings and finding all kinds of leaves, creatures and trees. I showed them the card game called Sabot Species Snap. This game was made when the eighth graders who graduated in 2021 were in 4th grade. The game has cards, each with a picture of a species the fourth graders found living at Sabot. They assessed the defensive and dangerous attributes of each species and then ranked them.

The first grade children looked at the game cards and noticed some species they founds, but also some they've been finding that weren't on any cards. So they drew some more species they'd seen on campus.


The children had to use reason to decide who would be victorious. Sometimes the most poisonous or biggest creature won, but some tiny species surprised us by defeating everyone! If you look carefully at some of the card sets, you can see Xs for defeats, and checks for victors.