Umbrella Project - Movement

'Umbrella project' is a metaphor- each year Sabot chooses one idea which is like an umbrella over the whole school. It creates a path for teacher's documentation, makes cross-age interactions happen in an authentic way, and (we hope) excites Families and brings you into our learning community.

When I asked children in grades 1 and 2 what movement means, they said that movement means moving your body, going to live in a different place, cars and trucks, and suddenly "I know! The civil rights movement!" We talked about that kind of movement, when people form a movement to change something that isn't fair.


We brainstormed strategies for drawing movement. Children had ideas like using arrows, lines, or drawing repeated forms to show something moving. Then we had talent shows where one child demonstrated a special move and the rest of us drew them.

Another day I introduced the word gesture. What does gesture mean? Some of the children knew how to use gesture to draw someone's attention (an old preschool tradition), or knew gestures from dance, gymnastics or martial arts. We talked about how gesture in art is about letting the mark show the motion of your arm and hand.

I wonder how movement will show itself in the preschool and kindergarten classrooms?