Forest mapping

The Rainbow room is spending part of each day outside. The class of 4 year olds can be as active as they like. I enjoy observing the interplay of the cognitive and the kinesthetic that this type of outdoor learning in the Forest brings out. Children can run and jump, sit and draw, sing and dance, or calculate and count when the space is wide open.

On this day in late September the children had the idea to measure the labyrinth so that they could see how big it was in order to put it on a map they are making of the Forest. Children proposed different ways of measuring, including walking through it and counting your steps, and using a string to trace the shape of the labyrinth. It was so interesting to me that they posed such a knotty problem for themselves right from the beginning of the year, one involving measurement and scale. These are difficult problems for people of any age to solve.


  1. Hi Anna - I'm happy to have found your page! This is lovely work. I'll come and visit often! Thank you for sharing.


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