Robot Revisited

Luke came into the studio to make another robot. I asked him to draw a plan, and he drew his favorite picture, his Mom driving her car. Brads have been available in his classroom, so he had been practicing with them for about a week. He found the tray of silver cardboard and chose his pieces for the car. He could not punch the holes himself, but was very particular about where they should go, so I asked him to make a mark in the right spot and I would punch them. After he built most of the car, I suggested he use plastic for the windshield. He liked the see-through quality very much, and then made a Mommy robot that could go in and out of the car. After seeing the sophistication of this construction, I am excited to see where Luke might go next with these materials, but I wonder what the word robot means to the Garden room children?


  1. Have you seen the smaller Reggio books on themes such as "Rights" and "Friendship?" They compile and edit conversations and comments students have on the subject with artwork into small books. Although not as romantic or philosophical, it might be interesting to see how your students would define and represent the idea of "robots." I would imagine that girls' and boys' ideas would differ greatly, but maybe not. Anyway, it would be interesting research.


  2. I think I'll try it. I haven't seen those books but would love to. Who knows, it might turn out to be very philosophical (:


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