Toys in the Forest, continued

When A. and I brought her toy outside, and she showed what it could do, the other children all wanted to make one. During this time, two things that would become provocations for later inquiry occurred;

1. As they tried to tie the gumballs to the string, they noticed that some worked better than others. What was the difference?
Some of them were mashed down, and others were more "pokey". As we searched for more of the "pokey" gumballs, the children found a tree where they were growing and green. This has sparked an investigation of gumballs in the Rainbow room.

2. After making many toys, the children started asking if they could take them home. With encouragement from teachers, they instead looked for a place where they could keep the toys in the Forest, so that they could find and play with them later. They found a tree whose roots formed a sort of basket, and called it the toy box. Later,a group of forest room children found the toys, sparking questions and curiosity, and hopefully collaboration between the two groups.


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