Star Parents at Sabot

We have always felt that school is a partnership between children, parents and teachers at Sabot School.
What started as a parent run co-op 30 years ago is still a place that wants and needs the whole community to be involved.
Because children are free to move from room to room at the pre-school, we need a parent volunteer to watch the hall to make sure children are safe and going to places that are available (stop signs on doors mean the space is closed, and children are careful to follow this rule, but sometimes...) This 'Star Parent' is so important to our program, letting us allow free movement of children, as a friendly parent presence every day, and in support of children's ideas as well.
Today Mary was are Star Parent in the hall. When Nolan made a second car for his model Sabot School parking lot, Mary noticed he was having trouble fitting it onto the "blacktop." Together, Nolan and Mary added on to the parking lot, figuring out how a paper clip could change into a handy connector for the black foam. Mary was so respectful in listening to what Nolan wanted to do, and Nolan was open to her help. It was a real pleasure for me to see (and overhear). Thanks, Mary and Nolan!
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  1. I felt that I was in the presence of greatness with Nolan..... an incredibly articulate, resourceful, and intelligent being. It was a joy to spend the moments we had in collaboration! Mary

  2. Hi Anna!

    A) I am reading all your blog posts in sequence from start to finish every day, and they are so enlightening - thank you! You are making my transition from elementary makerspaces to reggio preschools richer.

    B) Reading this post today, and in light of CVille, I can't help but notice the monitor is wearing a six pointed yellow star. May I suggest, if it has not been done so already in the many years since this post, that the star be changed to a five point star, or some other symbol. As the daughter of holocaust survivors, and given the current situation, a six pointed yellow star on someone's lapel brings up very strong feelings, which of course wasn't the intention!

    1. Rei, you make a good point. It's so easy to forget to be thoughtful about even the smallest details of the school environment. I really appreciate your attention here! Sadly, parents have become busier and no longer serve as stars at Sabot. It has changed the program a bit, but we are trying other ways of getting parents into the school. And thank you so much for reading the blog! It means more than you know.


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