Holidays in the Studio

At Sabot School,we try to keep true to our negotiated (or emergent, or contextual) curriculum, and one of the ways we do that is by not bringing holidays into the school. This leads, at certain times of the year, to a lovely respite of calm within the school, while outside, holiday hubbub reigns.

However, children often think about the holidays they have celebrated, and they bring those ideas back to school with them. We have had Halloween costumes on Valentines day and very often have much making and giving of presents in the weeks after the Winter Holidays. Last week, Afton brought Saint Patrick's Day to Sabot. Afton's big sister had a Leprechaun at her school, and he walked around and left green footprints where ever he went.

Afton drew this plan for a Leprechaun trap;

and showed it to her group of girl friends. They came
to the studio to make a trap that would catch a Leprechaun.

Here is the idea; A leprechaun might sneak into school at night. While he was looking around, he might notice the beautiful trap, and the bait, made of a candy heart and some 'gold'. When he reached in to grab the bait, he would get stuck in the green net, and the girls would see him in the morning. I'll let you know if we catch one!

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