A really useful tool

This little, tiny drill is a great tool for making holes in cardboard, popsicle sticks and other soft wood, and even layers of paper or fabric. I got it at a craft store years ago. At first I was hesitant to let children use it, but have found it to be safe and less prone to slip than other hand drills. I think that is because it is small child sized, and is turned just by the child's hand (there is no mechanism or moving parts). In the pictures, Nolan is using it to drill holes for electrical poles in his foam-core street.


  1. This is a cool tool! I've never seen one like it. We have a couple of the old "egg beater" style drills that I'm going to try out next week, but if they don't work, I guess it's off to a craft store.

    (I love tools.)

  2. What a fantastic tool! I continue to be impressed with Nolan's model work.


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