Sabot Dragon Day!

Every spring, a red Dragon is seen at the pre-school. This Sabot Dragon might be a real dragon, or he might be a teacher wearing a costume. There is a lot of debate about this throughout the year, despite the fact that there is a moment where the Dragon head comes off and the teacher inside is revealed. I love the magic, and always maintain that it is a real dragon. Often children argue that it must be a teacher, because they can see the Dragons shoes (I promise you, they are never shoes that any teacher is wearing that day). 
This year Afton made a good point, what if it is just a Dragon that likes clothes? What if he loves to shop and order things from catalogs? I love the idea!

Here are some pictures of Thursday, when the Dragon brought strawberries for all of the children;


  1. Brilliant observation, Afton! And Anna, I had no idea that the Dragon was so tricky when it came to shoes.

    I blogged the Dragon last week: Such magic!


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