How Things Work

Nora told Gracie, "I know about the brain. My brain helps me think of stuff.
It helps us think of EVERYTHING.
It helps us think of the world, and
then, it comes here! 
And then, we stand on it!
Did you know we're on the Earth?"

Oliver was sitting at the table too, and said "We're IN the earth, not on it."
Nora pointed down to the legs of the stool she was sitting on, and said "No, because this stool is on the Earth"

Then Henry added, "If you can see the blue sky and clouds, then you are on the Earth, and if you can't, you must be in it."


  1. What incredible scientists they are, using evidence to support their assertions. Yay!

  2. Beautiful.... They have so much to teach others about perspective...


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