Putting a song in a rainbow

The 'song in a rainbow' group came back to the studio to work on their idea. They worked on their lyrics and tune for a time. Here is what they decided on;

Rainbow rainbow,
I like a rainbow
After rain
Rainbows are so much fun to see

A Unicorn jumping,
over the rainbow

Rainbow hits a tree,
makes a rainbow in a tree

After working on the lyrics and music, they decided they wanted to make rainbows.
After intensely collaborating on the music and lyrics (which never concluded), it was interesting to see the unique way each one represented a rainbow. They did this on their own, and I just stepped in to show where a material was or teach a technique (for instance, showing Lorenzo and Henry how to twist wire).

                                                                   A paper rainbow
                             A representation of the tree that has a rainbow caught in it using wire and sticks.
                                             A rainbow with a song in it. The song is the bell.
                                                      a xylophone to play a rainbow song.

(my camera has decided to take very yellow photos, so I used a color effect, inspired by Jenny over at Let the Children Play )


  1. I love how each of the children has found a tangible way to represent the intangible. Love watching the process unfold....

  2. Now I want to write and illustrate a children's book about a rainbow inside a tree.


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